Thursday, October 2, 2014

Sponsoring a Runner

Well, the Orphan Love Run is only 37 days away! Have you registered yet?

Today, we'd like to share about how you can get your friends and family involved! We all know people who may not be able to physically participate in the race because of location, scheduling, etc. This year, those friends will be able to sponsor runners to help raise more money for our orphanage donation!
Here's how it works...

1. You register for the race. Remember, you can run, walk, push a stroller, or even just show up and have a cup of coffee. ;)

2. Send the link below to you friends and ask them to donate in your name. This is a secure, tax deductible site that will give us a grant in the amount of the money raised. Your friends will fill out their information and include in the comment section the name of the runner they are choosing to sponsor.

The person who raises the most sponsorship will be recognized at the race!

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